The Calm in the Storm-a marketing professional who is a fusion of talent and vision.
The real visionary

Rakesh Tulsiani, a practical dreamer who has clarity in terms of what’s next. Ambitious with respect to work, competitive and driven. He has established a marketing concept that he believed a lot into during his MBA. He started this venture 6 years back and knew this was his calling. He always wanted to do his own venture and Digitalabs happened just at the right time. His primary purpose for building the company was to fill the void he saw in servicing to the small and medium sector companies. He wanted to build something which though small in scale is as good and process oriented to deliver the quality each client deserves.

The thought behind every hit

When it comes to skills, he knows only Digitalabs and that’s his profession. Building good and wholesome products and applications is what his passion has been over the years. He wanted to do his own business ever since he has his childhood memories. A typical line his father used to say to him was – At-least study this much so that you can sell your stuff and calculate the right amount. He was a genius himself both academically, sports and then being the first gen entrepreneur. His father wasn’t there to guide him and help him take his first step into business. His father is his inspiration and has always been the role model. He also loves and follows greats like Warren Buffett and Narayana Murthy.

A new account, any celebration happening around him, any achievement by his colleagues or near ones are enough to put a smile on his face, as he loves to collect any goodness happening around him. With that approach, he encounters nothing that breaks him. Be happy about what you are and where you are and you’ll realize there is nothing that can define your state of mind.

Journey from the commencement

He started the company with just domain knowledge and quickly realized it needs much more than just sales and competitive execution. He had to don the role of a finance person, and HR and obviously the Admin. It was heartening to finally see his efforts bear fruit when he saw he was profitable from the first year itself. What later was realized that he built the entire company without any financial help/support, investment from savings, a few sleepless nights and unrelenting support from the family!

The complete picture

He conveys this message as a digital solution provider. The industry is shifting in two ways, one the resources who have special skills in any niche are valuable and second who knows how to stitch the entire plan in one thread and ensure all pieces of the plan work in tandem are valued. Apart from his passion for work, he enjoys badminton, chess, long walks of introspection, self-talks, all signs of a deep introspective individual, bold enough to dream one day, and hardworking enough to see the dream through its ups and downs, and empathetic towards the people working with him towards a common greatness!




(Consultation Only)

No matter if you have a team organized to handle digital marketing campaigns, Rakesh works in collaboration with your team and provide necessary consultation when and where required. He nourishes the marketing strategy and converts the leads into transactions by following the decade-long practices he excels at:

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(We Handle Everything)

If the time or knowledge restrict you from optimizing the digital marketing strategies, this section of services validates your visit. To take the business to next level, Rakesh endeavors in facilitating the services designed to overcome the missing links to rise above the smaller realm and touch the new heights. He caters to plenty of services that a company might require, including:

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