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Guaranteed ROI

As new startups are jumping into the revolutionized technical marketing campaign, only strategic implementation of the investment can return their investment. The business growth demands conversions of prospects into potential customers, the envision stays alive only if ROI comes with maximum profit. Rakesh Tulsiani approaches a project with the motive to catalyze the ROI in your favor.

Targeted Traffic

The desired action by a visitor on your website is worth a lead only if it’s targeted audience who find your services interesting to engage with. The steps should be analytically forwarded towards captivating the attention of the viewers who are involved to utilize the service and products you offer. He researches every field to create content that your users find familiar for their purpose.

Higher visibility

The online exposure of the company derives the success result orientation only if the visibility of the brand is maximized. The future of the company depends directly on the present investment to hike the visibility factor. Rakesh administers every advertising techniques to multiply the B2C engagement by enhancing the web visibility to turn the mere visitor into a loyal customer.


Indian Sanitation, an initiative by FICCI was created with the objective of bringing all stakeholders in the sanitation field onto one platform where they can share information, learn from others, partner and collaborate. Digitalabs is honored to associated with them and be the chosen medium which will take care of the branding of the initiative.

How He did it?

  • Revamping their website for easier navigation.
  • Branding exercises to spread the good word.
  • Social media activities to create a ripple.




(Consultation Only)

No matter if you have a team organized to handle digital marketing campaigns, Rakesh works in collaboration with your team and provide necessary consultation when and where required. He nourishes the marketing strategy and converts the leads into transactions by following the decade-long practices he excels at:

  • Conversions
  • Product advertisement and launching
  • Unique quality content creation
  • Distinct ideology of targeted audience and influencing marketing
  • Improve online visibility
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(We Handle Everything)

If the time or knowledge restrict you from optimizing the digital marketing strategies, this section of services validates your visit. To take the business to next level, Rakesh endeavors in facilitating the services designed to overcome the missing links to rise above the smaller realm and touch the new heights. He caters to plenty of services that a company might require, including:

  • Building an online strategy suitable for your company
  • Analyze the marketing practices and fix the revenue generation goals
  • Researching for trends that might benefit you and promote growth
  • Regular innovating the products to increase profits
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